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  1. #foodporn it is.lol (at Graziano’s Italian Restaurant)
  2. Foodtrip with ze girls. 😘👍🍝🍕  (at Graziano’s Italian Restaurant)
  3. serendipity-precious:

070712 by gguurroo on Flickr.
  4. Good morning!! #cantgetover #ijustcantwait #tfios
  5. With one of my favorite couple at the #HappyLand4500! (c) macky XD
#haggardfaces #getsoaked2 (at Embarcadero de Legazpi)
  6. Just because of what we so called “sentimental value,” this outfit deserves a shout out!lol
Flats and dress from bf @fraunilicious and sling pouch from @ghenzies. So, yes! I have two long-haired sweetest bestfriends! Haha 😂❤️💋 
Have a blessed palm sunday everyone! You still have time to go to church and pray! 🙏😊
  7. Summer is so much fun with this guy! Looking forward for moooore fun with you! #wegotsoakedthesecondtimearound #foamparty #happyland #repost (at Embarcadero de Legazpi)
  8. Love. Love. Love ❤️❤️❤️ #haggardoversoza ✌️
  9. Salot days. 😂#tbt #BangsKungBangs #curls #InstaSize
  10. "Kaya Mo Bang: the Fudgee Barr Adventures" goes to Legazpi City. With host, Ryan Bang and guest, Robi Domingo. (I dint had the chance to take photos with them, so here’s my mom instead.hihi) :)
  11. Waaaaaa! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  12. 🎶Tara na’t mag-selfie selfie selfie selfie tayo ‘pag may time 
Ipakita sa mundo ang maganda mong smile 
Selfie selfie selfie selfie tayo ‘pag may time 
Ang pagiging maganda’t pogi it aint a crime 
Selfie selfie din ‘pag may time 🎶 #selfiesong #newlook #FromLongToShort 💇✌️
  13. 3-in-1 (post valentine; post birthday; and 77th monthsary) celebration with my only one! No one can explain the happiness insiiiiide! Belated happy 77th monthsary, Mine! I LOVE YOU! #kilig #latepost
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