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  1. Truly heartbreaking. #EveryDay
  2. My newest addiction. Tumatanggap pa naman ako ng ibang books. Feel free to tell me. 😂 lol #happyme #BurubookwormManNgaya
  3. :)
  4. Too tired from his post-birthday party! Good night, my boy! 😘❤️😍😴 (at Bulan, Sorsogon)
  5. Too tired from his post-birthday party! Good night, my boy. 😘❤️😍😴 (at Bulan, Sorsogon)
  6. HAPPIEST 24TH BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY! You may not be the best in some aspects of your life, but you will always be the BEST BOYFRIEND in Charm’s life. Have a blast and I wish you all the best! (aside from me.haha) I I love you!! 😘❤️😍💋
  7. What is LOVE to you? ❤️
  8. I said i’ll stop this craze but how can you just say no to this?? 😱😱😱😱 thank you meloves @jehhhlay for this craziness!! Haha! 😭 #loomies #loomlove #loomheaven #BuaNaMe
  9. 👍👌📖
  10. Yesterdate with the one! Thank you soooo muchie for the surprise visit. I love you big time! 😘😄😍❤️ (at Vintage Garage Bar, Legazpi City)
  11. Lagit kayo sakin ngayon!! #foodie #chocoholic #chocospreads #ovomaltine #nuttela
  12. Yes, i love reading now! And just looking at this books makes me happy in a day! 😂📕📗📘📙📖
  13. #InstaSize #ooy
  14. Chaperon ang peg today with this lovers before they leave. 😢😅 have a safe trip! See you whenever. Hopefully soon! 😉 much lurve! 😘😘😘 (at 1st Colonial Grill)
  15. Huling hirit sa tag-iniiiit! #TBT #butnotsotbt (at 24/7 Balikbayan Fun Resort, Tiwi, Albay)
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