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  1. Celebrating our 83rd month (unfortunately not together). But always happy to see him even if he’s out of my reach. I love you much, Mine! Happy monthsary! May we have forever to come! ❤️❤️❤️ sweetest night!
  2. Noah and his friend JC earlier today. #captainamerica #kiddos #play (at Barriada, Legazpi City)
  3. Taken just now with the couple @eruption23 and @rownita :) (at The Oriental Legazpi)
  4. Ok ka lang loves? @jehhhlay HAHAHA siyet. 💔😫😭
  5. Lovin’ this unique pair of shoesie. Oh how i missed shoe shopping! It’s been a while. Til next! :)))
  6. Birthday mo nanaman! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BF!! Wishing you more love and happiness! See you very soon! Love you lots! 😘😘😘
  7. Reposting this for @dandanmatsunaga!! Woot woot!! #serrymasayalang HAHAHAHA
  8. Good morning Sunday! Have a great day ahead! Well, we had a great morning to start the day with! It’s more COLOR FUN in Legazpi! (at Legazpi Boulevard)
  9. With fafa Alviiiiiin! And some of the PBA legends. Catch them today at Pacific Mall and at ICR. :)
  10. Para sa mga laging late. ✌️👊😂
  11. 🙏🙏🙏👶❤️
  12. Juma-jar cake at the Ibalong Weekend Market! Infairness, delicious. 👌👍 xD
  13. Hi friends, family, and everyone with a BIG KIND HEART. My friend and former officemate needs our help to save the life of an innocent one. Please contact the number posted and please share as well. Thank you and may God bless you!
  14. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY BF HENZ!!! I wish you all the best life can give! I love you to the moon and back!! ❤️💋
  15. Sundate with the Bez @lee_yan19! Thanks for the treat. :) (at Small Talk Cafe, Legazpi City)
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