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  1. Finally got my new babies! And the bookmark is just too cute!! lol thanks, @houseofabookworm once again! Even if it was a bit delayed, you managed to help me track them. ‘Til next next next time.lol (you still owe me a free book as you promised. HAHAHA) 😂👍❤️
  2. True this. 😊❤️ good morning, monday! Spread the lurve! ❤️
This little guy needed a break mid-walk
  4. miss-shoppaholic:

Message me for a PROMO to 69k! :) 

  5. miss-shoppaholic:

Message me for a PROMO to 70k! :) 
  6. sense-and-fashion:


    Now, this is LOVE

    (Source: fatty-food)

  7. tbdressfashion:

Short Boots
==>big sales
  8. laceyfashionista:

pink flats // discount code : laceyfashionista
  9. laceyfashionista:

kardashian style tips

  10. laceyfashionista:

kardashian style tips
  11. #InstaSize #breakingdawn #book1
  12. Mag-aragang daraldalan/urulukan with mommy Cicar! Kulog sa payo! 😫 

Had so much fun, though! Til next time! XD (at La Mia Tazza)
  13. Because I missed this!! #bagnet #lechonkawali #bicolanostyle #lunch
  14. Our very own Dragon Fruit Salad. 👍😊😊😊 (at Barriada, Legazpi City)
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